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Welcome to the best of "Australia"

Australia is a natural wonderland of beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters, amazing ancient rock formations and pristine rainforests.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and has the lowest population density per square kilometre.

Australia has 16 world heritage listed properties with its historic townships, bustling cities, vivid landscapes and exotic flora and fauna all adding to its unique appeal.  Much of Australia's exotic flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the world and the lifestyle is one second to none.

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Culture and Customs The culture and customs consists of a rich tapestry of nationalities including traditions, legends, myths and folklore. The indigenous 'Dream time' forms the base of tens of thousands of years of spiritual aboriginal art and culture. Language In Australia over 200...

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What are the States and Territories Australia is made up of six states and two territories. To find out more about each state and territory, use the map below: New South Wales (NSW) Victoria (VIC) Queensland (QLD) Western Australia (WA) South Australia (SA) Tasmania...

Sydney, Australia’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city, is not just blessed with a world-renowned harbour.

You’ll also enjoy dynamic and exciting nightlife, shopping, attractions and events in a city that promises to be unlike any other you’ve visited.

Drive outside the city for a grand spectrum of delights. Discover sparkling waterways, World Heritage-listed national parks, mountains and ravines, cascading waterfalls and some of the most stunning beaches on the planet.

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Life in Regional Australia

Many people are attracted to employment opportunities in regional Australia. Regional Australia offers open spaces, less expensive life styles and the wonderful Australian environment. Many regional centres also have a strong cultural diversity with well established migrant communities.

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There are a range of initiatives to attract migrants, with particular skills and abilities, to many regions of Australia. The Life in Regional Australia pages show the increasing opportunities for migrants to successfully settle outside of the major Australian cities.

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